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Jen Laskey
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Jen's Candy Jar

Homemade Candy Recipes for Holidays and Special Occasions


My eBook of artisanal candy recipes, published by Story Machine Studio, is available for purchase on AmazonBarnes & NobleiTunes, and Smashwords.

From the publisher:

Jen’s Candy Jar is a unique collection of recipes that celebrates the comeback of the artisanal candy-making tradition and embraces its author’s distinctive taste in sweets. Artisanal candy-maker and author Jen Laskey has honed in on her 10 favorite confections and given them a distinctly epicurean upgrade. This 78-page, richly-photographed eBook provides easy-to-follow step-by-step recipe instructions, candy-making tool and tip suggestions, as well as guidance on how to vary the base recipes with extracts, herbs, botanicals, nuts, seeds, spices, and spirits, to create your own unique confections.

The homemade confections in Jen’s Candy Jar make elegant gifts for birthdays, holidays, weddings, and anniversaries. They also make decadent party favors, hostess and “thank you” gifts, and marvelous bite-sized desserts. And really, no one will blame you if you decide to keep all the candy for yourself. After all, Jen’s Candy Jar offers something satisfying for every sweet tooth.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • What you need to know to get started, including candy-making equipment and techniques.
  • Ten carefully-selected recipes
  • Tips for adding your own flair and experimenting with flavors to craft your own variations
  • Handmade gift-wrapping ideas to share your artisanal creations

“There’s nothing I look forward to more than a handmade gift from Jen Laskey. Jen is the ultimate culinary craftswoman, and her candies and treats are always divine. From salty caramels to addictive spicy-sweet pecans, Jen’s Candy Jar is a greatest hits collection of her most delicious creations. I know these treats will be the starring attractions at my next party.” — Erica Duecy, author of Storied Sips

Learn more at Story Machine Studio.