Jen Laskey
Jen Laskey
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Photo by Santino Di Renzo

Photo by Santino Di Renzo

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I come from a long line of women who love eating. But being a wanderlusty and bookish sort, I also love researching my eats and seeking out intriguing chefs, recipes, restaurants, and dishes in far-flung places, and then writing about them.

My obsession with food eventually led to a passion for wine by way of stints living in California, France and Italy. I became a certified sommelier and began writing about booze, too. I’ve sipped (and spat) my way through wine and spirits regions all over the world — and spent an entire harvest season apprenticing with an esteemed winemaker in Piedmont, Italy.

I hit the road as often as possible in pursuit of new tastes and tastemakers—and fodder for writing, exploring the intersections between food, wine, and spirits, the places they come from, and the people who create them. 

But—full disclosure—my writing life isn't all tasting, tippling, and traveling. I spend a lot of time sitting at a desk writing about other subjects, including health, which I’ve covered extensively for more than a decade.

Having turned out hundreds of articles on a wide range of health conditions, behavioral health, and healthy lifestyle topics and written for multiple celebrity health experts, I know as much about what's recommended for managing diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, and dry skin as I do about which wine you should drink with your spicy stir-fry and which cocktail you should pair with your peanut butter cups

When I'm not writing, I often work as an editor and content strategist in print and digital media in New York City (or wherever there's a wi-fi connection).

I hold a BA in literature, writing, visual arts, and—yes—carnival from Bennington College, an MFA in writing from Columbia University's School of the Arts, and am currently pursuing a Level 4 Diploma with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust.  


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