Jen Laskey
Jen Laskey
Writer :: Editor :: Producer :: Content Strategist

Content Strategy

I've been the lead content strategist for the launch of numerous websites, online subscription programs, recipe and exercise databases, content packages, newsletter campaigns, digital magazines, interactive tools, video series and other special projects. I've also conducted content analyses and audits and managed major site redesigns from concept through completion. 

Partial client listing: 

  • SevenFifty Daily
  • Everyday Health, Inc. 
  • Everyday Health Everyday Solutions
  • Fodor's Travel Publications
  • Humana's
  • Champy Sparkling Wines
  • frog Design
  • Cafe Mom
  • Oxygen Media
  • Curium Design

Additionally, I have specialized experience in custom publishing. I've worked on a multitude of funded and branded content projects for sponsors such as: 

Abilify, alli, Amgen, AstraZeneca, Aubagio, Best Buy, Bíotene, Cheerios, CoverGirl, Culturelle, Dannon, Eggland's Best, Farxiga, Gilenya, Honeywell, Huggies, Humana, Humira, Invokana, Imodium, Lantus, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Natera, NatureMade, Nestlé, Nexium, Nicorette, Novartis, NovoNordisk, Orkambi, NUK, Orencia, Pearle Vision, Repatha, RepHresh, Seroquel, Sinex, Stelara, Stork OTC, Symbicort, Synthroid, Toujeo, Treximet, Truvía, Withings, Xolair and Yoplait.